Baby Diaper Tricycle – Perfect for Baby Showers


Giving useful gifts to new parents at a baby shower is always a great idea, but a simple box of diapers is rather boring to unwrap.  A baby shower is more a about the parents and providing them with the materials and tools they will need to take care of the new life they will soon bring into the world.  Combine practical gifts with your creative side by crafting this adorable diaper tricycle, which includes other important items as well.

Baby Diapers
Baby Diapers

Materials needed:

A large box of newborn size diapers
2 receiving brackets
1 pair of baby socks
1 small size bottle
Wide ribbon
Rubber bands
A round cake pan
Scotch tape


An 8 inch round cake pan is ideal for forming the diapers into the circular wheels shapes.  Each wheel is made with approximately 20 small size diapers.  Just add one at a time and overlap them sufficiently to form a more solid structure.  Arrange the diapers neatly so there is a hole in the center and the outer edge is evenly overlapped.

Baby Diapers
Baby Diapers

Be very careful when you remove the diaper wheels structures from the cake pan so they do not fall apart.  Have another person standing by to quickly put a rubber band or tape around the center of the wheel.  Remove the wheel all the way from the cake pan and readjust the rubber band as necessary.  To make it more attractive, choose a wide, pastel toned ribbon to cover of the rubber band.  Secure the ribbon with tape.

To continue the creation of the diaper tricycle gift, click on the following link:


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