Before the creation of the water, it is desirable to prepare a manicure nails, apply a solid color varnish. Pay particular attention to the cuticle. Most advantageously will look white base. It all depends on your personal preference, the choice of color combinations is limitless.

All you need: colored paints to create a pattern, cuticle oil, orange stick and a container of warm water. Consistency decorative lacquer should be average. A thick coating will be less spread and mixed in the water. The master-class decorative paints used Color Club.

Disinfect your hands and nails, apply a base coat color and close the monotonous varnish.

Open the first colored lacquer and gently shake to drop the brush in the center of the water tank at a distance of 2 cm. Repeat with other colors, try to get into the center of the previous circle. Drops must be slowly diverge toward the edges of the container. As a result, you should have a figure like a colorful target.

Take a toothpick or orange stick and accurate movements create the desired pattern: spiral, zigzag, stripes or floral motifs. The choice of pattern depends entirely on your imagination. To perform the drawing should take no more than 60 seconds, the varnish may start to freeze.

Once on the water surface was formed desired pattern, proceed to its transference to the nails. To begin lubricate the skin around the cuticle and nail oil for cuticles. This is necessary to ensure that the decorative lacquer subsequently easy to clean from the skin.

Lower the nails under the lacquer film on the water. Wait and take out.

Clean colored lacquer, which hit the area on the skin and cuticles. Thanks oily film, which was formed from the oil, the decorative paint is very easy to remove from the skin. Land close to the nail can be treated with a special corrector Removers.

Close the top-end manicure coating.
As a result, each finger has turned its own unique pattern. Manicure looks very fresh and summery bright.


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