Water Marbling Nail Art Tutorial


1. Clean up will be messy, but rubbing lotion/Vaselin on the skin around your nails will help eliminate some of the problem.

2. Gather your materials. I use a glass jar, a stick pin, and of course nail polish . Some people prefer toothpicks or orange sticks to stick pins. As for the jar, you can also use cups or small bowls, but nothing you don’t mind ruining.

3. Apply your base coat then a white coat over it. This will brigthen the colors when you marble.

4. Fill your container with WARM water [Do NOT use cold water, the nail polish will solidy faster) Then drip nail polish in a bulls-eye design as so. Playing around with the color patterns is the best part so use as many different colors as you want!

IF you are looking to make flower design , continue reading. If not, then skip to step 8.

5. Using your pin, draw a line going from the top of a ring of polish and move it to the center. Do the same thing from the bottom of the same ring. It looks kind of like mitosis…

6. Sorry for the blurriness, but repeat step 5 from the sides. It should now look Ike a 4-petaled flower!

7. Now, do the diagonals! Your flower should have 8 petals by now. If you feel so inclined you can always make more, but they do get really messy if you don’t wipe your pin off.

8. Once you’ve found the ideal spot lay your nail on the design! This takes a certain amount of aim, but practice makes perfect. Also, you’re fingers will get dirty no matter what so don’t hesitate to just dip them in the water.

9. If you’ve followed al the steps, your fingers should look messy and colorful Like this! But now it’s time for clean up. If you used the lotion, a lot of the polish should come off just by wiping.

10. Now just top coat and you’re finished! I hope you enjoy water marbling!


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