The start of the 2015 wedding season excites me as I wait to see the fashions and hairstyles brides will be wearing this year. With the help of Jordan Byers, makeup and hair guru, we designed an elegant knot chignon style that we are sure will be a hit with soon-to-be-wed women. Follow along with the tutorial and you can create your own elegance and pure romance for that special day.

This beautiful hairstyle transforms a classic chignon with a new twist… or actually a knot!


1.    Smooth all your hair back into a ponytail at the nape of your neck.

2.    Divide the ponytail into two sections, one half the size of the other.

3.    Create a twisted bun out of the bigger section of hair and use bobby pins to fasten it securely.

4.    Gently pull the remaining loose hair over the bun and bobby pin it in place at the center top. Do not tuck in the tails at this time.

5.    Split the tail of hair left over into two pieces and use them to make a first tie on top of the bun.

6.    Smooth the remaining tails to either side of the bun and pin underneath with more bobby pins.



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