Winter is coming: How To Fight Fatigue And Improve Your Skin Condition



Many people associate late autumn with fatigue. This time of the year many people feel certain discomfort, they feel blue, their working efficiency decreases. We constantly freeze, feel tired and sleepy. The reasons why we feel this way are quite clear: our organism reacts to the lack of warmth and sun. But what we should be talking about is our physical condition. Gutieva Madina Izmailovna, dermatovenerologist, physician of the superior expert category, leading skin specialist in Moscow Scientific and Practical Center for Dermatovenereology and Cosmetology, and a consulting specialist in the Librederm laboratory, will tell us how to stay healthy in winter and keep your feminine attractiveness.

The real reason why we freeze is very simple: the thing is that we move less. You have to agree that walking in the rain when the strong wind is not convenient. Blood circulation slows down because of lack of activities. Hands and feet start freezing, and we feel the chill in the entire body.

We feel cold even in warm rooms because we lack vitamins A, C, and E. Liver processes responsible for blood warming interference, the signals get passed on to the nervous system, and we feel cold.

Work out and eat healthy to avoid this problem. In this article we will tell you what to do.

Conditions for comfortable sleep

Lack of oxygen at night is the main reason why people feel sleepy in the morning. We turn on the heaters at home during the cold season, but we forget to ventilate the apartment, and we fall asleep in a stuffy room. Before going to bed open the window and let in some fresh air. It is especially important for those who suffer from snoring. Thus, you will improve the sleep quality and in the morning, feel more alert.

One more useful advice for women with dry skin. Don’t be cheap, buy air humidifier! Install it on the nightstand, or somewhere next to the bed, and turn it on at night. You will see how your skin improves in just a few days.

Tips to help you wake up easily

Sleep at least 8 hours per day and you will easily wake up any time of the year. However, many people can’t do that. Here are several tips on how to wake up faster if you only slept for several hours.

1. Light pillow stretching. Start stretching while you are still in bed. Stretch slowly and with pleasure! Just imagine if you were a kid and enjoy the process. After you stretched your muscles, don’t rush and take some time to get out of bed!

2. Massage acupuncture points. There are many different points on palms, but let’s talk about the one to keep you alert. It is located between the thumb and the pointing finger. Massage it at least for one hundred times. Don’t forget to breathe deeply. As soon as you feel more energy – get out of bed.

3. Contrast shower for your face. Wash your face with hot water and then with cold water (repeat several times). Now massage your face with fingers – it is simple and helps you wake up, improves lymph flow and reduces morning swelling.

4. Rub your ears. It is an incredible exercise! Actively rub the area behind your ears. Then massage your ears starting with laps. Very soon you will feel pleasant warmth – blood circulation improves!

What do you eat to feel warmer?

Now it is very important to eat healthy. Balanced diet with carbs, fats and vitamins will help you stay alert and warm without gaining few extra kilos.

Fats are very important. They provide energy, keep our bodies warm and help to digest vitamins A and E. Animal products contain fats, for example, butter, fish, and meat. Avocado, nuts and flax seed oil are also rich in fats. But don’t forget about carbs. Don’t buy exotic fruits and vegetables in the supermarkets: they don’t have any useful elements. Eat season vegetables: carrots, beetroot, cabbage, and pumpkin. Vegetables are rich in fiber to keep you full, and you won’t gain weight.

We also recommend you replace morning coffee with a cup of fermented green tea – burst of energy, vitamins, and antioxidant is guaranteed.

Improving skin condition

Your skin is under a lot of stress because of lack of useful elements and negative environment. This time of the year it gets dry, pale and exfoliates.

Temperature and humidity level changes interrupt skin lipid barrier, it becomes dry. Using moisturizing cream is important! Hydrogel emulsions and serums should be included in your winter skincare routine. Apply it in the morning and in the evening.

As for skin cleansing, it is better to stick to the least invasive method. Instead of foam gel try mycelial water. If you can’t do without washing your skin, don’t do it more than once per day. And don’t use alkaline cosmetics! It dries your skin and may lead to itching, your skin will look pale, tried, and grey. Take care of your skin and restore its protection system to make it look healthy. The most important vitamins in winter are A and E. These vitamins speed up regeneration process and protect skin lipid barrier. Use moisturizing creams that contain those vitamins.

Season care for different skin types

Different types of skin need different care in winter. A simple rule for greasy skin – use moisturizing creams. If you have problematic skin, it is even more important. Avoid products with alcohol. If you use medicinal cosmetics for greasy skin, choose the products that support the natural moisturizing skin factor.

Moisturizing and nourishing dry skin is extra crucial in winter. Choose the products with linoleic acid made from seed oil, it helps to restore protection functions and fight against cold and wind.

Combination skin needs special treatment. Apply the creams in a special way to take care of your skin. Use moisturizing cream on the T-zone that tends to become greasy, and nutrition cream on the cheeks. Thus, you can nourish your skin and avoid greasiness.

Don’t forget about the B vitamins – lack of these vitamins leads to dermatitis, especially in winter time. You can find vitamin B6 in potatoes, fish, liver, and it is synthesized in the intestines. Consume products that contain fiber and vitamin B6.

Use the products that moisturize your skin and have antioxidant effect – these components prevent aging. Any season you should protect your skin from free radicals, even in winter, the sun may be as harmful as in summer. Don’t forget about it.

And, perhaps, the most important rule for any woman to follow – don’t apply cream less than one hour before going outside. It allows the skin to absorb the cream, so it doesn’t turn into an icy mask when it is cold. Healthy sleeping and eating, proper care – these are the things you need to keep your skin beautiful.



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