Yogurt Diet



This will help you lose 4-5kg in just a week.
This diet is also balanced and won’t harm your health, besides, according to everyone who’s tried it – it’s delicious!
It was invented by a German doctor, who first applied it in 1930’s to help residents of an elite resort in Switzerland lose weight. His patients lost 5-6kig in just 10 days.
Yogurt diet is based on consuming a perfectly healthy product – natural yogurt.
Yogurt Diet

500g of natural yogurt. Split this amount into 4-5 servings.

400g of fresh fruit. You can make salads out of fruit, and use yogurt as dressing. Note: you’re not supposed to use sugary fruit like grapes, peas, melons, or watermelon. It’s best to go with apples or citric fruit.

For dinner, in addition to yogurt, eat 100g of nonfat meat and a salad made of tomatoes, cucumbers, and fresh greens.

Drink green and black tea, mineral or regular drinking water. Drink at least 1,5 litres of liquid every day.

In addition, you can drink freshly squeezed juice in between your meals, preferably pomegranate, grapefruit, cloudy apple, and orange. It is recommended you dilute the juice with boiled water 1:2.

Though fruit juice, especially freshly squeezed, is very healthy, as it adds vitamins to your diet, don’t drink too much of it. It still contains a lot of calories.

You can buy natural juice at the store. But make sure there’s no preservatives or dyes in the product.

Drinking pomegranate juice after each meal is especially recommended. Just dilute it with some water first.

A typical daily ration on yogurt diet:


-half a cup of warm unsweetened tea (it is recommended you drink warm tea before every meal)
-yogurt with berries or pieces of dried fruit
-half a glass of diluted pomegranate juice


-warm tea
-soup made of yogurt, cucumbers, ground greens, and olive oil
-boiled meat (100g), salad made of greens, cucumbers, and tomatoes with lemon juice dressing
-half a glass of diluted pomegranate juice


-fruit yogurt or vegetable yogurt (you can add mustard and cut up veggies)
-mineral water

Dinner (at least 3,5-4 hours before bed):

-warm tea
-yogurt with stewed vegetables
-diluted pomegranate juice

Follow this diet for up to 2 weeks, then take a break for at least 2-3 months.




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